Constitution & Code of Conduct (Mooretown Minor Hockey)

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MTMHA Code of Conduct

This Code for Conduct identifies the standard of behavior which is expected of all MTMHA members and participants, which for the purpose of this policy shall include all players, guardians, parents, coaches, officials, volunteers, directors, officers, committee members, conveners, team managers, trainers, administrators and employees involved in MTMHA activities and events.

MTMHA is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect. Members and participants of MTMHA shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner consistent with the values of MTMHA which include fairness, integrity and mutual respect. 

During the course of all MTMHA activities and events, members shall avoid behavior which brings MTMHA or the sport of hockey into disrepute, including but not limited to abusive use of alcohol, use of non-medical drugs and use of alcohol by minors.

MTMHA members and participants shall at all times adhere to MTMHA`s operational policies and procedures, to rules and regulations governing MTMHA events and activities, and to rules and regulations governing any competitions in which the member participates on behalf of MTMHA.

Members and participants of MTMHA shall not engage in any activity or behavior which interferes with a competition or with any player or team`s preparation for a competition, or which endangers the safety of others.

Mooretown Minor Hockey understands the value in Social Media.  We also appreciate an individual's right to express themselves. However, MTMHA has a Social Media Policy that states that the inappropropriate use of social media by MTMHA member s and participants, as defined in the policy, will be subject to action.

Members of MTMHA shall refrain from comments or behaviors which are disrespectful, humiliating, demeaning, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist. In particular, behavior which constitutes bullying, harassment or abuse will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with under MTMHA`s Harassment and Abuse Policy.

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Discipline Policy of MTMHA. Such action may result in the member losing the privileges which come with membership in MTMHA, including the opportunity to participate in MTMHA activities and events, both present and future.


There are four main participant groups involved in minor hockey games: the players, the coaches, the officials, and the parents/spectators. How these four groups interact determines how positive or how negative an event becomes.

Mooretown Minor Hockey Association (MTMHA) dedicates itself to the advancement of minor hockey for all individuals by ensuring meaningful opportunities and enjoyable experiences in a safe, sportsmanlike environment.

MTMHA has adopted a "Code of Conduct" that all team officials, players and parents/guardians are expected to follow.


The purpose of this "Code of Conduct" is to maintain a fun, pleasurable experience for all who attend any function related to MTMHA. A violation of the “Code of Conduct” may lead to disciplinary action against the team official, player or parent/guardian; thus it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the “Code of Conduct” and the possible disciplinary action as detailed in the MTMHA Operating Policies.


The MTMHA “Code of Conduct” places an emphasis on safety and  respect:


Respect the game

Respect the rules

Respect the opponents

Respect the Coaches, Officials and their decisions

Respect Parents, Executives, Players, Arena Staff, and Volunteers

Respect the facility


It is also expected that all participants will maintain their self-control at all times.

If you are not able to maintain self-control then you should remove yourself from the situation and/or facility as a courtesy to others who are enjoying the activity.  If you are unwilling to do so MTMHA (or any centre you may be visiting) may, within the rights specified in their Code of Conduct Policy, demand your removal.


To foster this philosophy, the following will be considered the Codes of Conduct for all participants in MTMHA this year.

Each player, parent and team official will be required to sign their respective agreement.

Failure or refusal to sign the agreement will automatically disqualify the individual from participating this season.

MTMHA-Parent Code of Conduct
MTMHA-Team Official Code of Conduct
MTMHA-Player Code of Conduct