Equipment Guide (Mooretown Minor Hockey)

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All players, including goalies, must wear both a mouth guard and a neck guard.  All helmets must be CSA approved and have all straps fastened.

Note: MTMHA uniforms are  'black' as the base colour (i.e., helmet, gloves, pants).

Here is a list of equipment that is required to step on the ice for a practice or game within MTMHA:
  • Helmet with cage (CSA approved) - black preferred - if your player was born in 2009 click here for a free helmet offer from Chevrolet
  • Gloves
  • Skates
  • Mouth guard (should not be clear, white or red - can be top or bottom and fastened or unfastened to cage)
  • Neck guard (BNQ certified - regular, bib style, or all-in-one with underwear  - goalies can also use a dangler)
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Pants (suspenders optional) - black preferred
  • Shin pads
  • Jock/cup
  • Garter belt (if not using a jock with its own sock holders) 
  • Socks & Jersey
  • Stick (length - rule of thumb is at least up to the chin but not past the eyes with skates on.  Also a curve that allows for puck control)
  • Hockey bag to put everything in 

*** what players wear under their equipment is a personal choice

Also, your player will need:

  • Stick Tape (colour is a personal preference although it is thought that using white for the knob is better on gloves)
  • Shin Pad Tape (clear tape is preferred as it is easier on the socks)
  • Skate Towel to dry blades before packing
  • Skate Guards (will protect skate blades even inside the hockey bag and will prevent rips and tears to other equipment)
  • Hockey Tools (your team's trainer may carry a skate/honing stone or quick sharpener as well as extra screws and a screwdriver)
  • Shower Supplies (if your player showers then please make sure they are using their own supplies and towels.)

***hockey equipment should be aired out after each use and washed regularly in order to extend its life (and help the 'atmosphere' in the dressing room)


All helmets sold in Canada are to be CSA approved and will have a round blue and red CSA sticker on them.  This sticker is normally on the back of the helmet although on some newer helmets it can be found on the inside embossed in the plastic.  To be a legal helmet in OMHA hockey this CSA sticker must be present and it must be legible.

In Canada helmets do not expire.  The HECC sticker that may also be present on the helmet has an expiry date that, once passed, will make the helmet illegal for use in the United States but NOT in Canada. 

It is recommended that you do an annual inspection of the helmet and replace it if you see signs of excessive wear, if the inside padding no longer provides cushion or if there are any cracks in the shell.  To avoid any issues please inspect your players helmet and make sure it is safe and legal.

This is a sample of the CSA sticker