Electronic Game Sheet Inc (Mooretown Minor Hockey)

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Mooretown Minor Hockey will be using electronic game sheets for our Rep & AE teams starting in the 2018 / 2019 season.

Why Use Gamesheet Inc?

  • Instant access to completed games for coaches, convenors and leagues
  • Instant, hands free stats / data collection
  • Improved quality of game data
  • Improved accuracy
  • Customizable for your league

GAMESHEET INC.has created multiple quick YouTube training videos to help make this transition as easy as posible for our coaching staff & parent volunteers.

Please click on the links provided below for a quick rundown on how this APP works.

1. Using the APP / login
2. Starting a new game
3. Using the tabs on the bottom of the home page / viewing errors
4. Checking Roster / selecting starting goalie / Manager signing
5. Editing a Roster / away, suspended & adding AP players
6. Coach signature / changing starting goalie
7. Adding AP player (not already in system)
8. The scoring page
7. Changing periods
9. Adding a goal
10. Adding a penalty / using the served by feature
11. Adding a penalty / game misconduct
12. Deleting a mistake
13. Using the "Shots" feature
14. Goalie change feature
15. Ending a game / Referee page
16. Adding a Referee from the search page
17. Adding a Referee not on the list
18. Referee changing a penalty code after the game
19. Making a game misconduct report
20. Referee signature
21. Game is locked down / ready to upload
22. Locked game being uploaded to cloud
23. "The Wheel Feature" / Logout and sending feedback
24. Dashboard / Editing the Roster: Numbers & Captains
25. Dashboard / Login page