VOLUNTEERING (Mooretown Minor Hockey)

MTMHA is run by volunteers.  We have no paid positions.  Every family with a registered player in MTMHA must submit the volunteer fee; that includes coaches, team staff and the members of the MTMHA Executive. 

Without the help of volunteers, the cost to operate MTMHA would be substantially higher.  Our registration fees are the lowest around that we know of and we pride ourselves on our ability to keep our fees low.  We don't want your money, we need your volunteer time.    In our experience our family members enjoy the time they spend volunteering with MTMHA, however, some would not perform any volunteer activity if not for the potential of a financial penalty.  

A one time deposit, in the form of a $500 post-dated cheque, is required from EVERY family registered with MTMHA.

Please note that this fee is to be paid via post-dated cheque at time of TRYOUT. Players will NOT be permitted on the ice    until the cheque is received. Players NOT trying out will submit at their respective SORT EVALUATION.

  • If more than one player is registered it will be collected by the team of the oldest player.
  • All players on all teams, (except Juvenile) will be required to fill out the Volunteer Fee sheet regardless of who submits the cheque.
  • All cheques must be received by the Volunteer Coordinator or player participation will be prohibited.
  • Cheques are to be made payable to MTMHA and dated for January 20, 2024.
  • When volunteer time is completed cheques will be returned/voided.
  • If volunteer time is not completed by January 20, 2024, and no arrangements to volunteer have been made with the Volunteer Coordinator, cheques will be cashed on January 21, 2024.
  • Any NSF cheques will result in player participation being prohibited until all fees (cheque and $50 NSF penalties) are paid in full.

It only takes 8 hours of volunteer time, regardless of how many kids you have registered, to have your deposit returned.


Volunteer cheques will be returned or shredded after January 21, 2024 if your 8 hours are completed.

To get your deposit returned you will need to provide proof to the
Volunteer Coordinator that you have put in your 8 hours of time.  The process of providing proof is easy and will be explained to you when you perform your volunteer time.  



Working the Score Clock, the Game Sheet, or the 50/50 table at your child's games does not count towards Volunteer Hours.  Those are duties that all parents on all teams are expected to perform to ensure that games run smoothly and efficiently.  Your team will draw up its own schedule to ensure those roles are filled for each home game. 

Working the clock, kitchen, etc...at our tournaments DOES count towards the 8 required hours.

It takes participation from everyone to ensure the season is a successful one. 

Aside from being respectful, positive and encouraging from the stands parents are also counted on to help the game days run smoothly. 

Required Parental Involvement (that IS NOT eligible towards Volunteer Fee hours)

Time/Score Keepers

  • The home team must provide time and score keepers for each game. It is expected that all parents will take a turn.  A schedule should be provided by your team's Parent Coordinator.  The score keeper ensures that the refs, visitors and home team are given their copies of the game sheet after the game.
  • Should anyone know of a high school student(s) looking to fulfill their Community Volunteer Hours requirement, MTMHA will acknowledge time/score keeping as credit earned toward their hours.  


Required Parental Involvement (that IS eligible towards Volunteer Fee hours)

 Team Webmaster
  • Each team in the organization (Novice-Juvenile) has its own Team Site that will require ongoing adminstration throughout the season. It is expected that the site will be used to keep team specific information (news, scores, events, etc...) up to date and it is the team's responsibilty to appoint a willing and able representative (Volunteer fee will be refunded).  Training and support will be provided.