December 2018 (Mooretown Minor Hockey)

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Board Meeting

December 4, 2018

In attendance: Hugh McCowan,Kim Quinn, Ryan Gavigan, Todd Free, Kaylen Burgess, Marnie Vickerd, Charlene Degurse ,Bob Gladwish, Greg Armstrong, Marilyn Maoirat, Kevin Slater, Jason McLean, Jim Petrie, Adam Oblak & Corey Laframboise.

Meeting begins at:

Review minutes from last meeting.

1. Finance Committee:

  • Signing authority has been changed to Jason McLean from Jason Bourdage.
  • Kaylen & Kevin have set up PayPal has been set up for development programs.
  • Kevin has provided a statement. Missing ice bill for November. Just missing some tournament reimbursements. Should have those back in a week or two.
  • Kevin has announced he will be stepping down at the end of the season.

Sponsorship: Marilyn

  • No Frills is donating water and Gatorade for All Star Game, township donating the ice, Planet Stitch the MVP awards and Mooretown Flags a free admission for the Midget Players to the Flags game.
  • All rink boards will are completed. Waiting for one sponsorship to come in from Circle K.

2. Hockey Committee:


  • Gender Identity, missing some of the forms from teams.
  • All teams are now rostered and approved.
  • For a tournament we have to let OMHA how many games we are having. We will be gettinga refund on what we have paid.


  • Hockey moms had a kitchen and took care of our raffle table for us.
  • $5500 in sponsors, which included pucks and t-shirts.
  • A couple tournament organizers would be helpful for next year.
  • We will not be able to have teams in a novice team next year as they are half ice. Adam suggests removing novice division and possibly midget.

Shamrock League:

  • All Star game is all falling into place. Flags are providing a trainer for the games. Looking for someone to run the clock, game sheet, music and sing O’Canada.
  • Nothing from Shamrock yet, meeting next week. One coach suspended for not having the game sheet filled out correctly.


Need someone to attend the meeting next week. Adam offered to go.


3 clinics are booked. 2 goalie clinics and 1 Defense and we are now set up online for registration and payment, going very well.

Ice Scheduler:

  •  An email has gone out to teams about some open ice that’s available.
  • Ice schedule for play downs is going well. Will pick up in January. Need to free up some ice for CF Industries.

Equipment: Bob

  • Bob bought some pucks from Micor.
  • We will be having an issue with smaller sized goalie equipment over the next year or so.
  • An email will be going out to all coaches that the cones need to be put away.
  • Trying to get an update about getting pictures taken for the teams that got shuffled around.
  • No answer from Metcalfe regarding Peewee team re takes, going to try the SilverPeak Photos when they come to do Lady Flags.

Risk Management: Marnie

  • OMHA investigation was completed. Jason will be reinstated in his position upon approval from the OMHA.
  • VSS checks, emails have gone out to teams that have some missing. Marie is requesting that we set a date and if a record isn’t obtained the coach will be suspended.

Review of the timeline: ALL

All teams are rostered and approved.

New Business: ALL

Ryan, would like to get coaching applications out a little earlier for next season.

Motion to pay the additional $250 for the Bantam AE team to register for International Silverstick.

(Currently policy says $1000, cost is $1250: Ryan, Second Marilyn. Motion passed

Motion to adjourn: Todd, Second: Kim

Meeting adjourned at 7:33pm