2015 AGM (Mooretown Minor Hockey)

Print2015 AGM

Tuesday, April 7th - 7:00pm at Mooretown Arena (above Rink 2)


- 1 FREE HOCKEY REGISTRATION FOR 2015/2016 SEASON (Base Registration only)
- 1 $50.00 Gift Card for Play it Again Sports
- 1 Dinner and a Movie night ($100.00 Value: $60.00 at BrownStones, $40.00 for Movie)

You must be present to enter and also win.

This meeting is where you will hear members of the Executive and Staff report on what has been accomplished in the 2014-15 season, how monies have been allocated and what the Association's direction is for 2015-16.

This is where you can also ask questions and voice opinions about MTMHA.

There will also be Executive, Staff, and Committee positions open for next season (TBA).  If you are interested in joining MTMHA in any of those roles you can contact Andrew Vandersteen at [email protected] or make your intentions known at the meeting.  Once positions are confirmed as open an online Nomination Form will also be made available should you want to nominate yourself or someone else to fill them.

By attending the AGM you
will have your name entered in a prize draw (1 FREE Registration for 2015-16 Hockey Season, a Gift Card for Play It Again Sports, or a Movie & Dinner night) to be held at the end of the meeting.

You must be in attendance to be entered and you must be in attendance for the drawing to claim a prize.


  • Hockey Moms Update – Laurie Pepper
  • House League Update – Bob Knight
  • Tri-County Teams Update – Shawn Gladwish
  • Shamrock League Update – Tom Foster
  • OMHA Update – Steve Pepper
  • Travel Teams Update – Tad Stewart
  • Gates - Stacey Brown
  • St. Clair Girls Association Update - Jody Gagne & Jason McLean
  • Hockey Registration – Kelly Smalls
  • Financial Report – Leslie Coene
  • Questions & Answers – Open to All
  • Voting in the 2015-2016 Executive – Andrew Vandersteen
    • Open Executive (Voting) Positions:
      • TBA
    • Open Staff (Non-Voting) Positions:
      • Sponsorships
      • Website Administrator


Hockey Moms

Laurie discussed having a very busy season this year.

(16 fundraisers/events) and wanted to thank all who supported them and worked with them to raise money. She also thanked all the students who put in a lot of hours helping her and in return got volunteer hours for high school.  With Laurie and her hockey moms crew working so hard this year, Hockey Moms was able to donate back to MTMHA a huge amount of $20,000. 

Silver Stick

Ross Helps was unable to attend but sent a letter which Laurie Pepper read.  

It stats that’s that each year at the Juvenile Silver stick Tournament in January it is extremely hard to get new, younger people to help.  Most of you are also helping Minor Hockey by coaching, timekeeping or whatever with your own teams.  By the time January comes most of you have your volunteer hours in and they struggle to fill volunteer spots for the help that they need during the tournament.  Also have trouble getting volunteers for Hockey Mom’s Kitchen, Gate personnel and 50-50.

Each year Silver Stick has raised over $10,000 dollars for Minor hockey.  This tournament has been going on for 42 years, so do the math.  It has raised huge amounts of money for Minor Hockey which translates into lower fees for you and your kids.

Please let everyone know that Silver Stick needs everyone help come January.  Remember you are helping not only YOUR tournament, but also our own Minor Hockey Group

House League Update

40 Instructional kids this year
60 Tyke
30 Novice

This year we had great coaches and everyone seemed to have a fun year.
Something we are looking at is maybe expanding to Wallaceburg and Dresden for some house league games.

Tri County Update

5 teams with a record of 74-44-22

3 teams became Champions

Atom White - Tri-County League Playoff Champions
PeeWee Black - Tri-County League Playoff Champions
Bantam - Tri-County League Playoff Consolation Champions

This coming year the Tri-County divisions are going to work on development.

The numbers in the Tri-County league are getting smaller, we used to have 10 associations in the league and now we are down to 7 with smaller centers having to amalgamate. 

Also in the Tri County League Body Checking has been removed

Effective with the 2015-2016 season, the OMHA will commence a two year pilot project removing Body Checking from recreational hockey.

There will be no Body Checking in Bantam and Midget Tri-County next season.

 This pilot will affect the Bantam, Midget and Juvenile divisions in those categories where Body Checking may remain, i.e. Local League (LL), Minor Development (MD).

Shamrock League Update

10 teams with a record of 249-216-186

½ our teams were over a .500 record

Novice Rep - Shamrock League Playoff 'B' Champions
Bantam Rep - Shamrock League Playoff 'A' Champions
Bantam AE - Shamrock League Playoff 'A' Champions

Midget Rep and Midget Ae were both finalists

OMHA Update


Midget Pilot Project

-Effective the 2015-2016 season, the Ontario Minor Hockey Association will be piloting a project directed at addressing circumstances whereby a Centre does not have sufficient players to roster a Midget Team in a Representative category AA and below.

The pilot will be in place for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 hockey seasons.  
The focus of the OMHA Midget Pilot Project is to encourage the retention of current midget-aged players by providing opportunities in a positive environment with an emphasis on safety and competitive balance.

Travel Team Update

same as Shamrock  info and OMHA info

Lady Flags

4 teams   64 girls

Midget Girls going to OWHA provincials April 9 10 11 12

Spring Tryouts in May - see Girls Tryouts page for schedule and details


359 boys
64 girls

A 5% increase from previous year

-this year we are going to the 3 payment option for registration.
-Ends June 30 as we need #'s for ice times, Shamrock League etc...
-no tryout fees paid online this year. They will be collected the first day of tryouts.
-volunteer cheque is still $500.00 but you must do 6 hours this year.

Financial Update

as of April 2015 we are -$7906.58 because of purchasing all the new set of jerseys this year. 


1)    Can we get more ice? 
Yes we can but it will cost more money which then trickles down to everyone having to pay more money for registration.  This year we paid $170,000.00 in ice costs.  Ice time is hard to find in Mooretown with Sarnia, Petrolia, Figure skating, and River league having ice.   It was also stated that each team could budget for extra ice and pay for it themselves if they felt the need to have more ice.

2)    Can we start ice early in August? 
Well we could but we have found that most kids play two sports and baseball is one of them in the summer that doesn’t finish until Labor day weekend.  To try and have tryouts earlier in August we would be missing players as they have baseball.  Also a lot are on vacation.  So this is why we get right into hockey as soon as school gets back in.

Election of Executive

Sponsorship Program- Bob Gladwish
Gates- Renelle Round
Secretary- Stacey Brown
Equipment Manager- Chris Brown
Shamrock Rep- OPEN

Registration Draw

59 people attended,  59 ballots

-Play it again Sports $50.00 gift card - Kim Sylvester
Dinner and a movie night $100.00 - Leslie Coene
-Free Basic Registration - Craig Prudom