2017 AGM (Mooretown Minor Hockey)

Print2017 AGM
Monday, April 10th - 7:00pm at Mooretown Arena (above Rink 2)


This meeting is where you will hear members of the Executive and Staff report on what has been accomplished in the 2016/2017 season, how monies have been allocated and what the Association's direction is for 2017/2018 season.

This is where you can also ask questions and voice opinions about MTMHA.

There will also be Executive, Staff, and Committee positions open for next season.  If you are interested in joining MTMHA in any of those roles you can contact Andrew Vandersteen at [email protected] or make your intentions known at the meeting.

By attending the AGM you will have your name entered in a prize draw (FREE Registration for 2017/2018 Hockey Season (2 draws), a Gift Card to Sport Chek, or a Movie & Dinner night - $100.00 value) to be held at the end of the meeting.

You must be in attendance to be entered and you must be in attendance for the drawing to claim a prize.

Agenda Items

  • Hockey Moms – Laurie Pepper
  • Silver Stick – Rick Harris
  • House League Update – Ross Carlton
  • Tri County Update – Stacy Mazur
  • Shamrock League Update – Todd Free
  • OMHA Update – Hugh McCowan
  • Gates- Renelle Round/Stacey Brown
  • Volunteer- Sides Brown
  • Lady’s Flag  Update – Jody Gagne
  • Registration – Kelly Smalls
  • Financial Report – Lesley Coene
  • Questions/Answers – All
  • Executive Election – Andrew Vandersteen

President Andrew Vandersteen welcomed all attending followed by Executive introductions.

Meeting Minutes

Hockey Moms - Reported by Laurie Pepper

Laurie discussed having a very busy season this year. The Hockey Moms got an early start this year & participated in Captain Kidd Days in July. They kicked off try outs in September with 2 BBQs followed with a boxed meat fundraiser & the kid's Halloween Dance in October. The fall also saw the start of merchandise sales & Chuck a Puck at The Flags games. In December they hosted a very successful Christmas Bazaar & Online Auction. They kicked off the New Year with a Red Wing Ticket fundraiser, thank you to Rick Leonard for helping with this & thank you to Central Machine & Marine for donating the tickets. Cash Calendar draws began in January followed by the Mardi Gras dance in February. The Pot O'Gold tickets were sold throughout the season for a chance to win an All Inclusive trip for 2 to Puerto Plata, Dominican. Congratulations to the winner Greg Shaw!

The Hockey Moms donated 776 meals to 44 teams in our November tournaments & hosted the Silver Stick kitchen as well as our Hockey Day kitchen. They donated over $500.00 in merchandise packages to the 2 OMHA teams who played in Mooretown this season. They has 3 boys volunteer 16 hours each, in return the Hockey Moms paid for these boys to go to a referee clinic.

With Laurie and her Hockey Moms crew working so hard this year, Hockey Moms was able to donate back to MTMHA a huge amount of $15,000. 

Laurie Pepper will be stepping down as Hockey Mom President, thank you for you many years of dedication & service. We welcome new Hockey Mom President -  Kim Sylvester, Vice President - Nicole Wilson, Treasurer - Meghan Schenck & Secretary - Brooke Burnie

Silver Stick

Rick Harris was not here to speak, we are waiting on donation from them as they usually give Mooretown Minor Hockey $10,000.

House League Update - Reported by Ross Carlton

  • 30 kids in Instructional
  • 45 kids in Tyke
  • 32 kids in Novice

Thanks to Hockey moms for feeding the House league kids on Minor Hockey day

Changes for the 2017/2018 Season

Beginning in the 2017/2018 season, Hockey Canada is implementing a new policy that mandates cross-ice/half-ice hockey for players at the Initiation age level

We are looking into the purchase of new boards and nets for Instructional and Tyke AS ALWAYS we are looking for someone to take on the Instructional coaching for next year.  It is always better to start out with a coach on the ice, we always seem to struggle with Instructional until we get a few coaches on the ice with them. 

Tri County Update - Reported by Stacey Mazur

7 teams in Tri County in 2016/2017 season

  • 2 Atom teams
  • 2 Pee Wee teams
  • 2 Bantam teams
  • 1 Midget team

Atom White won the League Title
Atom Black finished 2nd in Consolation
Peewee Orange won the League Title
Peewee Black finished 4th in consolation
Bantam Black won the League Title
Bantam Orange finished 3rd in Championship Round Robin
Midget tied for 3rd in Championship Round Robin

Shamrock League Update - Reported by Todd Free

9 teams in Shamrock Hockey League in 2016/2017 season

  • 7 of 9 teams participated in the SHL playoffs
  • Novice Rep & Novice AE both placed 1st in “B Pool”
  • 4 players represented Mooretown at the SHL Major & Minor Midget All Star game in December & 26 represented the rest of the age groups in April.

Shamrock Hockey League AGM is scheduled for April 18, 2017

Proposals being brought forward include

  • Regular season schedule modifications (home & home series against like centered teams, fill the rest of the schedule with other centers)
  • SHL playoff modifications
  • Bantam AE – Consider moving to Minor Bantam (1st year of contact)
  • Midget AE – Consider making a Minor Midget division
  • Consider delaying the SHL playoffs by one week, allowing OMHA semi-finalist to return to league playoffs (currently if you make it to OMHA semis you cannot come back & join the SHL playoffs)

2016/2017 – 15 weekends

2017/2018 – 16 weekends

OMHA Update - Reported by Hugh McCowan

  • For a small organization, we have a very successful 2016/2017 season

  • The Midget Rep team were OMHA Champions

  • The Novice Rep team were OMHA Finalists 

Gates - Reported by Renelle Round

The 2016/2017 season took in $36 721.00 in gate fees

Lady Flags - Reported by Jody Gagne

  • Jody thanks all the girls coaches, Mike, Mike, And Dan for an amazing year with the girls teams

  • The Novice Girls team won the league title & were champions in all 3 tournaments they went into

  • The Atom Girls  team were finalist in all tournaments they went into, missed the league championship by 1 point.

  • The Atom Girls team won the Regional title to go to provincials

  • Pee Wee Girls had a great team with many of the girls being 1st years & some never even skating before.  The girls only lost 1 game in the playoffs.

  •  The Pee Wee Girls were in 3 tournaments & went to the finals in 1 tournament

  • Looking for a few more Atom girls for next season

  • We will have a Girls Bantam team next season

  • SPRING TRYOUTS watch the website for date and times

Registration - Reported by Kelly Smalls

  • 2016/2017 season had 350 boys registered & with the girls brought us up to 420 players in total
  • Registration costs will be staying the same for the 2017/2018 season
  • Looking at having 2 Midget Tri County teams next season


Q - Can we get gate passes that are good for the whole year?

A -  We cannot do that as some teams are done early & some go play later in the season, it is not fair to charge everyone the same if their season ends early.

Q - Why do we not have spring tryouts?

A - We do not do spring tryouts because first we do not have ice,  second Sarnia has AAA tryouts which some of our players go and try out for. If those players do not make it they can go to the Sarnia AA/ A tryouts & if they do not make that then they can come back to their own center. 

Q - Can the Tyke Select or Novice Select teams get help from Mooretown as it cost the parents more money? 

A - The Tyke & Novice select teams are run under Mooretown Minor hockey but the association does not supply any money to these teams.  These team are to be funded by the parents,  they do receive the MINOR HOCKEY RATE for ice time, but it is up to the parents to pay for the, jerseys, ice, referees, tournaments etc.

Q - Will the tournaments be back to back weekends again?  

A - We will be running the tournament again but we are looking at 1 weekend in October & 1 weekend in November.  Nothing determined as of now.  Shawn Gladwish will be the tournament convenor this year.

Q - What can we do to get more goalies for the organization?  Some teams do not like having 1 goalie.  Goalies can’t be sick, can’t go on vacation, can’t be pulled out of a bad game.  Can we give them free registration?  ½ off?  New equipment?  

A - We have newer equipment for Tyke & Novice players to use. It is not fair to give goalies free registration as every kid will then sign up to be a goalie.  Andrew Vandersteen is going to look into what other centers do.  We will have some more goalie clinic next year.

Election of Executive


Registration Draws

$50.00 Sport Check gift card
- Roxanne Zink
Dinner & Movie Bundle ($100.00 value) - Ryan Gavigan
Free 2017/2018 base registration - Adam Oblak & Marty McNally

In Closing

We are saying goodbye to some long serving Board Members.  A big BIG THANK YOU to Kelly Smalls, Lesley Coene, Stacey Brown, Chris Brown & Andrew Vandersteen for your years of dedication that made this organization function. Your shoes will be monumental to fill.