May 2018 (Mooretown Minor Hockey)

PrintMay 2018

MTMHA Board Meeting

Tuesday May 1, 2018

Seniors Room

Meeting begins: 7:02pm

In attendance:
Jason Bourdage, Hugh McCowan, Rick Leonard, Kim Quinn, Greg Armstrong, Kevin Slater,

Marilyn Maoirat, Todd Free, Kaylen Burgess, Miss Routley, Stacy Mazur, Bob Gladwish, Derek Gibbs, Ryan

Gavigan, Charlene DeGurse and Marnie Vickerd

1. Finance Committee

• Financial Statement: Kevin

• Everything is paid up for the year. Couple coats to be paid for for the midget team. Ending

the year with a decent amount in the account.

• Some juveniles still to pay. Suggesting that they pay online like everyone else to avoid this

issue next year.

• $10,000 donated from Silverstick and $5000 from Esso through Tom Foster

2. Communications: Kaylen

• Anything important will go out to the membership through email, especially over the


3. Registration: Connie not present, 20 registered so far today.

4. Sponsorship: Jason McLean and Marilyn have a meeting set up May 11 to discuss sponsorship for


Hockey Committee:

1. OMHA: Todd

• We have to figure out how many teams we will have early so we don’t pay a late fee. We

can change and reduce later and get our money back.

• CCM has free goaltender equipment offer. Todd and Bob have both applied for it.

• Purchasing OMHA Championship Banners, Hugh says we should just automatically get one.

Todd will look into why we did get one.

• Motion to purchase one if one will not be sent: Todd, 2nd Greg. Motion passed

• OMHA AGM June 8-9, Todd and Ryan will attend. Others will look it over and decide. Todd

will send in paperwork.

• NRP, allowed 3 per team. We have to decide if we want to take them. Discussed that we

will not displace Mooretown kids but will allow to fill teams if needed.

2. Shamrock: Greg

• Nothing to update. Last meeting wasn’t attended.

• Greg is composing a list of questions to ask while he is there.

3. Tri-County: Stacy

• We will try and fill two Novice teams

• Motion to reach out to the membership to get a Tri County Coordinator to help Stacy; Kent

Tri County League:

Rick 2nd: Todd. Motion passed. Kaylen will post the position on the web.

• AGM is Tuesday of Aug. 14

• Scheduling meeting Sept 25

4. Development: Corey

Not present, update sent (Attached appendix 1 and 2)

• Online registration for the summer programs, recommended using Paypal even though

there is a cost.

• Support committee still needs to be made.

5. Ice Scheduling/Convenor: Jim, not present

6. Tournament: Adam (attached appendix 3)

• Support committee needs to be made.

7. Jerseys/Equipment: Bob

• Out of 18 teams, 4 sets of jerseys not back. 2 of them being Lady Flags

• Juvenile jerseys are in rough shape. Wait until we see about a team before we worry about

replacing them.

• Mike McLeod has approached Bob about exchanging a set of goalie pads.

• Motion to exchange the larger pads from Mike with an older, smaller pair MTMHA has: Bob.

2nd: Derek. Motion passed, providing they are ok for ice hockey.

• Need to purchase new Peewee Rep and AE jerseys. The current ones will go down to Tricounty.

• Pucks for next year already.

8. Risk Management: Rick

• 1 Trainer has been suspended.

• Marnie Vickerd is being brought on as Governess Coordinator

9. Review Timeline: All

Old Business:

• Humbolt Donation: MTMHA donated $250 to the Humboldt Go Fund Me

• Boundaries: Petrolia has been contacted about getting that area or some of it. Jason Bourdage has

been in contact with the Mayor about those who pay taxes within our township but cannot play in

Mooretown. The Mayor mentioned something about taxes and suggests we write letters to the

council for review. Letters asking that the boundaries be changed to allow them to play where

they pay. Motion to write and letter and support: Todd. 2nd: Ryan. Motion passed.

• Lady Flags, where are we at?: Meeting is supposed to me Monday May 7 but it is unsure whether is

it actually happening. The Lady Flags membership is unaware and doesn’t seem to be getting any

answers. Jason Bourdage has contacted OWHA a couple times to get some information. Motion to

appoint Missy Routley to be the MTMHA OWHA Rep: Todd. 2nd: Ryan. Motion Passed

Motion to create space in registration for girls to register with MTMHA: Missy 2nd: Ryan. Motion


New Business:

• OMHA AGM: see OMHA update from Todd

• Home Tournament Information: See above and attached from Adam

• Motion for laptop for RM position:Kaylen 2nd: Stacy Motion passed

• Ice Scheduling and allotment: Greg

o How is it all allotted?

o Mooretown referees association is folding. We need to pull form either Sarnia or Chatham.

Rick has recommended that we go through Sarnia.

o Jason Bourdage will get information sent to him and will pass it along.

• Boards for IP program quote: $13,650. We will get quotes, compose a letter and send it to council

for review. We will ask if they will pay for half just as we did for the sound system.

Motion to adjourn: Greg 2nd: Hugh

Meeting adjourned 8:55pm


Director of Player Development

Budget Proposal: Waiting for an answer from March meeting regarding approval for “Director of Player

Development” budget approval.

Player Development Opportunities

Hockey School – Same Ice as last year. Meeting with TPH (Scott Jones) to discuss more detail, need

confirmation on ice time so these can be booked.

Goalie Schools – Meeting with Steve Mckechan with in the next few weeks to discuss a plan.

Checking clinics – Need to contact Jeff Allen to set up a plan.

Other Clinics: Suggested a set ice time for clinics throughout the season, ending January 1st, waiting on

the ice time so I can start planning clinics.

Coaches Clinics

Need to discuss as a board about coaching clinics; What clinics are we hosting and when?

Coaches Manuals - Asked last meeting to have an email sent to have these collected as I don’t have all the coach’s emails.

Not sure if this was done but I haven’t had any manuals returned as of now.

Managers Manuals - If I am to still distribute manuals to all managers, I will need to get binders for them as well and previous

managers to help with this.


360 Goalie Clinic: Just curious on the interest so far on the 360-goalie clinic. Also, a thank you to Jason

McLean for helping with this.

Power Edge Pro: Met with Darren Rogers (PEP), have a plan in place, just need to discuss with Kaylen

Burgess to have information transferred to the Web as well as Registration.

I would like to have full access to these registration pages please.


Power Edge Pro Summer Clinics

This program is for players that are registered through MTMHA. After July 1st, any clinics that are not full will be opened to the public.

2 Goalies per session. Goalies will pay $5 per skate. If more then 2 goalies are registered in any age group, the sessions will be shared. Example: Novice has 5 goalies interested. The development committee will make a list and try their best to make it fair. The Power Edge Pro programs is not designed for goalie instructions so to have multiple goalies on the ice makes it hard to keep them all busy. The goalies that are on the ice will face multiple shots and they can practice any skill that they have learned during these sessions.

24 SKATERS MAX. Each skater will pay $20 per skate. After the list is full the skaters will be put

on a waiting list and be contacted if there is an opening. No skater will be allowed on the ice unless a payment is made for that ice time.2-4 coaches are required for Novice and Atom Clinics. 2 Junior coaches are also required. 2 coaches are required for Peewee/Bantam Clinics. Having our own coaches help out wil decrease the cost of PEP coaches and it’s a great time to learn.

It is encouraged that age specific coaches attend these clinics.

Clinic Dates and Times

Novice: July 18, 25; August 1, 15, 22 ( Wednesdays) 7-8pm 5 Hours of PEP Training

Atom: July 18, 25; August 1, 15, 22 ( Wednesdays) 8-9pm 5 Hours of PEP Training

Peewee/Bantam: July 19, 26; August 2, 16, 23 ( Thursdays )

8-9:30pm 5 Hours of PEP Training/ 2.5 Hours of Small Area Games

Total PEP Hours 17.5

Cost $3250



November 16 - 18, 2018 - Novice, atom & Peewee

November 23 -25, 2018 - Bantam & Midget

Format Ideas:

- game gurantee as always

-10 teams in each division split into two groups - group A & B

-Top two teams from each group move into SF (i.e. A1 vs B2 and B1 vs A2)

- SF winners play in Finals; SF losers play in Consolation

Trophies/Awards/Gifts Ideas:

-Each team will receive a Mooretown Tournament Tee in lieu of a towel

-Small MVP trophy for each team to hand out in each round robin game they play

-Banner & mid-size trophies for Champions

-Medals for Runner-ups

-Medals for Consolation Winners

Pin Sharing Ceremony "Idea"

-Pin sharing ceremony for novice, atom, peewee divisions Friday, November 16th (after the day's games)

-In lieu of a luncheon for each team, we can do a pizza dinner for all teams 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Courtright


-6:00pm to 6:30pm will be a "pin sharing" ceremony - each team trades pins from their association for other

association's pins

-6:30pm to 7:15pm we allow teams to eat and design a "team sign" on bristol board provided

-7:15pm onwards, a few team representatives walk their signs in an "opening ceremony" kind of way


-Will look for sponsors amongst industrial leaders in our area (Kel-Gor, Shell etc) and small business sponsors

(Antonio's, Foodland etc)

-Vinel rollout sign can be bought from Qwik Copy (approx. $250.00) listing tournament sponsors - will be put

in front lobby

-Panphlets can be made with rosters and sponsors listed

-A "huge" tournament sponsor would be ideal and it will be my goal to get one!

Game Sheets

-Ideally, I would like prepped game sheets, similar to Riverside's Family First Tournament, where players are

on stickers and all the other info is ready; coaches just need to sign and initial

***When it's all said and done, I want the team's coming to our Tournament to have a uniquely fun &

competitive time! I want the tournament to be known as a well organized event! And most of all, I want

folks to be excited to come back next year!***