July 2018 (Mooretown Minor Hockey)

PrintJuly 2018

MTMHA Board Meeting

July 29, 2018

In attendance: Jason Bourdage, Kim Quinn, Charlene Degurse, Ryan Gavigan, Todd Free, Marnie Vickerd,

Bob Gladwish, Derek Gibbs, Adam Oblak, Greg Armstrong, Marilyn Maoirat, Kevin Slater, Kaylen Burgess,

Jason McLean, Kim Sylvester and Jim Petrie.

1. Finance Committee:

• Update from Kevin, We are further in the negative from last year now that all the final numbers are in.

• All invoices are paid up to date.

2. Communications: Kaylen

• nothing to update. All available clinics have been posted throughout the summer for members to register.

3. Registration: Connie (Update sent in)

Numbers as of July 2st

Registered (Total = 330)

Instructional - 16

Tyke - 56

Novice - 41

Atom - 61

Peewee - 52

Bantam - 56

Midget - 46

Juvenile – 2

4. Volunteer: Charlene

• Charlene will update teams/managers each month with the volunteer hours/completed. To avoid excess emails and communication to her throughout the season.

• Rhonda Hayward is going to collect the cheques from the sort skate.

5. Sponsorship: Marilyn

• Sponsorship Packages have gone out to 175 businesses and organizations.

• All have been sent out a reminder email which includes the updated package with the rink boards/wall signs and under window signage options.

Sponsors include: Williams Landscaping, Bluewater Foodland, Golden Palace, Carpenters Union, Corunna Fitness Centre, Bluewater Power, Riverview Family Dental and Lambton Ford.

• All travel teams have been sponsored except two (Bantam Rep, Bantam AE)

6. Gates: Renelle (nothing to update)

7. Hockey Moms: Kim

• Captain Kidd Days next week. Bar and BBQ are both full for volunteers.

• Been offered to do BBQ for Corunna Minor Baseball final year end. 2nd weekend in August.

Hockey Committee Update

8. OMHA: Todd

• Issued the invoice for the insurance, paid.

• Once final numbers are in for registration, insurance monies will be adjusted.

• Petrolia is thinking they will have 2 tyke teams

• An email has been sent to OMHA Colleen Hawthorne about moving 2010’s up to 2011. No reply as of yet.

• Tournaments have been approved and listed on the OMHA website.

9. Shamrock: Greg

• Last meeting: Alliance has approached shamrock about playing in their loop. Shamrock has agreed providing they pay gate fees. Will get an update at next meting. This includes Sarnia andLondon at Atom and Peewee levels.

• Windsor rep asked about playing in loop, they were declined.

• Mitchell Midget AE will play in the Shamrock loop.

• Electronic game sheets/scorekeeping: Costs the league $250. Each team about $40/year.

• Easy to use, keeps track of everything. Penalties and suspensions update automatically.

• No novice AE this year

10. Travel: Ryan

• All coaches except Atom AE and Midget Rep have been chosen.

• Should we preapply for Atom AE Silverstick in Blenheim before the coaching staff is picked?

• We are not ready to pick an Atom AE coach. Waiting to see where players fall before deciding coaches.

• Coaches meeting will be August 15th, set for the week before try outs.

VOTE:  Motion to follow the Shamrock lead to go electronic game sheets - Greg

Second: Todd


11. Tri-County: Stacy (not present, nothing to update)

12. OWHA: Missi (nothing update, under new business)

13. Development: Corey, update sent:

Coaches Clinics - nothing set up as of yet. Corey has attempted to gain information. Jason Bourdage was offered spaces in Sarnia. We will offer those to our coaches in need and opt out of one at Mooretown this year for clinics.

Coaches Manuals - Asked at March meeting to have an email sent to have these collected as I don’t have all the coach’s emails. Not sure if this was done but I haven’t had any manuals returned as of now. I still need these returned to have them ready for the coaches meeting. Time is running out.

Player Development Opportunities

Power Edge Pro – Most Clinics are full and are running well.

Total Package Hockey – Sent an email to Jason, Hugh, Kim and Connie on July 4th asking to add something to the web to try and attract more Midget Players. Didn’t see nothing on the web and just curious why?

Goalie Schools – Booked Future Pro on August 9th. I would like to invite the Lady Flags to this as well. Need 16 goalies and as of now we are at 5.

Checking Clinic – Jeff Allen is booked for August 29th (Sold Out) and 30th (4 spots lefts as of July 28th)

• Ice as been secured for every Monday night throughout the season for development. 1hour and 20 minutes.

14. Ice Scheduler: Jim

• We currently have open ice on Mondays.

• Girls teams have been secured ice.

• Rep teams practices have been made a little longer.

• IPs are moved over to rink one Saturdays

• Try Outs: all ice is booked. Starting September 8. Two skates for every team

• IP sorts start September 15th

15. Tournament Director: Adam

• Secured funds from two sponsors so far to help with both tournament weekends.

• Little Caesars will be the medal sponsor.

• Waiting to hear back from Boilermakers Union on their input.

• Tshirts have been quoted for players.

• Ice times will be set out. Adam will try his best to accommodate the younger ages with their ice times.

• Bouncing around ideas for a pin sharing event for the Novice age group.

• Registration for out of town teams is $850, local teams $550

• Mooretown teams will donate $100 for the prize table/ raffles.

• A discount will be offered to those centers who have more than one team coming to the tournament.

VOTE: Motion to allow Adam approach Planet Stitch and get the tshirts ordered- Ryan

Seconded: Greg


VOTE: Motion to change the Mooretown Local League Tournament to Mooretown Rise Up Cup-Adam

Second: Ryan


16. Jerseys/Equipment: Bob

• Quiet time now.

• Atom McDonalds jerseys have come in without logos. They will be going

• Tim Hortons jerseys are on their way. They will also go to have “M’s” put on.

• Going with just red socks last year

17. Risk Management: Jason Bourdage

• Rick Leonard has resigned from his position. Jason Bourdage will take over for the time being, with the assistance of Marnie Vickerd

18. Timeline:

• Coaches are complete, aside for the two teams.

• Ice has been schedule

• Summer skates are going well

• Coaches meeting will be August 15th

19. Old Business:

• IP Boards: Letter has been approved by Derrick Gibbs and Jason Bourdage. It will be presented to St. Clair Township Council. We have added Lady Flags logo and President Kevin Slater’s name to the letter.

20. New Business:

• Affiliate Player Guideline: Greg has presented what had been come up with at the small meeting in the beginning of July. We are tabling until our next meeting.

VOTE: Motion to remove the OWHA Rep position from our board- Ryan

Second: Derrick


Motion to amend the Sponsorship portion of the Lady Flags financial separation offer –Jim

Seconded- Jason Mclean


VOTE: Motion that MTMHA and Mooretown Lady Flags Girls Hockey will share the sponsorship/donation, director position and services. The director will work for both parties obtaining sponsorship and donations.

• All solicited businesses/organizations will be presented with a sponsorship package and they will choose which type of sponsorship they would like to participate in.

• For jersey advertisement the business/organization will be presented with a list of available teams and they will choose which team they would like to sponsor. 100% of the jersey sponsorship will remain with the association the team belongs to.

• When a business/organization wishes to donate to minor hockey, the business/organization will indicate which association they would like to receive the funds and that association will receive 100% of the donation.

• 100% of tournament sponsorships for the JR Flags House league Tournament will be allocated to MTMHA.

• The only shared money includes the agreement with the JR C Flags/Township for the rink board/wall sign and under window signage and The Friends of Mooretown Minor Hockey sponsorships. This money will be split by MTMHA and Mooretown Lady Flags Girls Hockey based on percentage as per registration numbers.

• The above agreement will be reassessed annually.

Second: Kim


Face off for Mental Health will happen again this year. Mental Health Awareness training will take part in the fall. Kaylen will head this up again this season.

Motion to adjourn- Jim

Second: Kaylen


Meeting adjourned: 8:15PM