August 2018 (Mooretown Minor Hockey)

PrintAugust 2018

MTMHA Board Meeting
August 21, 2018

Corunna Fire Hall

In attendance: Jason Bourdage, Kim Quinn, Ryan Gavigan, Todd Free, Hugh McCowan, Kaylen Burgess

Bob Gladwish, Derek Gibbs, Adam Oblak, Greg Armstrong, Marilyn Maoirat, Kevin Slater, Jason McLean, Kim Sylvester, Nicole Wilson, Stacy Mazur and Jim Petrie.


Meeting Begins at 7:03

1. Finance Committee:

• Update from Kevin: All tournament loans have been paid out as requested. All bills for this

season are up to date as brought in as well.

• Jason McLean- Friday ice will be used for clinics until December. Then it can be divided up

to teams who want it for playoffs etc.

• We will have to figure out costs for ipads that Shamrock will be imposing for electronic

game sheets.

2. Communications: Kaylen

• Everything has been updated other than new ice schedule that has just been changed. Jim

will get it to Kaylen and it will be uploaded.

3. Registration: Connie, not present. Jason updating

• 16 late fees have been played

• some parents not happy with the late fees

4. Volunteer:

• Week of hockey school people can start handing in cheques.

• No players will be allowed on the ice without submitting a cheque.

5. Sponsorship: Marilyn

• All jerseys are sponsored.

• Focusing on rink boards and wall signs

• Tournament sponsorship is not at $5500

6. Hockey Moms: Kim

• Captain Kidd weekend brought in about $500

• Corunna Minor Baseball tournament $525

• Moore Museum would like them to do a BBQ for their upcoming craft show.

• Megan Schenck has stepped down as treasurer. Stacey Skeets will be taking Megan’s


Hockey Committee Update:

7. OMHA: Todd

• Tournament name has been changed with OMHA-Mooretown Rise up Cup

• OMHA will not allow all 2011s to play novice. They will allow a limited number of 2011s to

play novice rep, all other 2011s will play tyke


8. Shamrock: Greg

• Atom and Peewee alliance are coming into Shamrock. Schedulers will get together to work

on that. They will be paying the $4 gate fee

• Every team has to go over Gender Identity and Gender Expression. OHF will be auditing

centers. A question has come up at what age that will be starting with, currently there is no

answer on that. Must be gone over with players and parents.

• Electronic games sheets will now be happening. $250 as a general cost per league. Each

team will have that added to their budget. Could cost each center anywhere from $200-


• We will have to purchase iPads. They will be kept in the coaches room.

• Motion to buy from Staples and we purchase 5. Ryan, second Stacey. Motion passed.

• Lambton local league is also going electronic. There is talk about tri-county as well.

• Greg would like Mooretown to host the Midget All Star game this season. He has a check

list of what is required.

• Motion for MTMHA to host the Shamrock League Minor Midget/Major Midget Allstar

games- Greg, second Ryan. Motion passed. Tentative Date: December 15, 2018

• Motion to set date for December 15, 2018: Corey, second Todd. Motion passed

• OMHA has communicated some requirements for teams so games do not go late.

9. Houselague: Derek

• There are a couple kids registered as instructional but should be playing IP. He will discuss

with Connie on how to go about changing that.

• Derek will contact Jim about ice scheduling. It will get posted on the web when the first


• WE ARE GETTING THE IP BOARDS! St. Clair Township will be paying for them.

• MTMHA will be responsible for setting up and taking down the boards.

• Coaches meeting will be Wednesday Aug 29.

• Kaylen will add something to the website so parents know what forms and courses they

need to take out.

10. Travel: Ryan

• We’ve had someone apply for the Midget, Juvenile and Atom AE positions.

• Ryan has asked that hockey committee stick around to have a discussion and make some

head way with that after our meeting.

11. Tri-County: Stacy

• One missed game sheet from last season, we will get a bill for $25

• We will vote yes for tri-county to go paperless for game sheets as well if it is discussed at

future meetings.

• They want to change the name to “Four-County” instead of “Tri-County”. If there is a name

change they will have a contest to design a logo.

• We have one girl who wants to come to Peewee tri county as there is no girls team for her

to play on.

12. Development: Corey

• Coaches clinics: we didn’t do any. Sarnia was offering, we will utilize that.

• Coaches booklets. Didn’t go over well last year. Books were not filled out. Corey has asked

for any coaches wanting to help with development to come forward. He has one coach

interested so far.

v Motion for all registration clinics and hockey school to be done the same way, through the

MTMHA website: Corey, second Kaylen. Motion not passed.

• Motion for development to have continuous updates on registration numbers regarding

THE hockey school: Greg, second Adam.

• Goalie schools: Aug 9th. 15 goalies, 2 never showed. Future Pro, Steve McKeetchen. Loss of


• Checking clinic booked for Aug 29 and 30. Lost last year.

• Allen is booked for July 29th 2- sessions and the 30th – 1 session (24 per session)

• 29th Group A has 13 spots lefts, 29th Group B has 4 spots left and the 30th is full

• Ice time was requested and given back in March. It is no longer available.

• Corey is working to create a Paypal account to pay for clinics. Registration for those clinics

will happen through the website.

v Motion to purchase 60” Give and Go passing aids at $1500: Todd, second Jason McLean.

Motion passed

13. Ice Scheduler/Convenor: Jim

• Ice schedule has changed. It will be uploaded to the webite.

• Jim will contact Sarnia Refs and touch base.

• If exhibition games are scheduled it is important to let Jim know so refs can be scheduled.

14. Tournament: Adam

• Reached out to more associations to see about interest.

• 1 team, Wingham novice has registered.

• Sissios has been approached about the voucher for the tournament. Haven’t heard for sure

on that. Going to look into MVP pucks instead.

• Motion to provide MVP pucks: Adam, second Jason. Bob will order

• There is a raffle table that each tri county team provides $100 for prizes.

• Wondering about being able to accept e-transfers, will discuss with Jason McLean

15. Jerseys/Equipment: Bob

• Unsure of timeline with Fitzgood about having all jerseys completed for coached at the

beginning of the season.

• New goalie equipment sign out form has been created.

• 124 Tim Hortons jerseys have been ordered.

• We will ask about having Planet Stitch items available for purchase through our website.

Kaylen will contact them.

16. Risk Management: Jason Bourdge

• Online clinics for Gender Neutral etc need to be reviewed

• Will get a date for Police Check clinics.

17. Timeline: All

• Everything is in line. Clinics are running, ice times set.

Old Business:

• IP Boards, St. Clair Township has approved quote $13,650 and will be purchased.

New Business:

• Motion to provide a laptop for Development position: Hugh, Second Ryan Motion passed

• Motion to provide a laptop for Sponsorship: Hugh, second Ryan Motion passed

• Mooretown Flags has asked to trade some ice time on Wednesdays while they have away

games. 5 ice times. To be traded with MTMHA teams. Jason Bourdage will discuss and see

what’s available.

• Arena updates: Kendal will look into wifi within the building. We are not able to store our

iPads in their “office”. Asked about having a bank machine, Kendal will look into that as

well so it could be moved around through the twp. Jason asked about doors being locked,

Flags are having issues with that as well.

v Motion to adjourn: Jason McLean, second Hugh

Meeting adjourned at 9:35