Septmeber 2018 (Mooretown Minor Hockey)

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Board Meeting

September 18, 2018

In attendance: Jason Bourdage, Kim Quinn, Ryan Gavigan, Todd Free, Kaylen Burgess, Marnie Vickerd, Renelle Round,

Bob Gladwish, Derek Gibbs, Greg Armstrong, Marilyn Maoirat, Kevin Slater, Jason McLean, Kim Sylvester, Nicole Wilson, Stacy Mazur.

Meeting Begins at: 7:08

1. Finance Committee:

• All bills have been paid as of now.

• We have to send the receipt into the township for the IP boards, Jason will forward.

• All requested tournament loans have been handed out as requested.

• Year to date income statement will be ready for the October meeting.

2. Communications: Kaylen

• All coached have been given online access and updated online

• Faceoff for Mental Health will be happening again. Month of November, looking for some help

with that. This year players will get pins, hoodies and jackets can be ordered. Kaylen would

like all coaches to do the mental health training. We can pick the date.

3. Registration: Connie (not present)

• Juvenile numbers are going up

• Doing refunds as they are needed

4. Volunteer: Charlene

• Taking cheques during hockey school went really well

• Try out day was better organized

5. Sponsorship: Marilyn

• New banner with all the sponsors on it that can be shown when coming in the arena.

• Thank you letters will go out to the sponsors hopefully by the end of the month.

• Things are starting to wind down but Marilyn will continue to watch for things that she can

apply for.

6. Gates: Renelle

• Motion to charge seniors $35 for gate passes- Jason McLean, Second Todd: Motion passed

7. Hockey Moms: Kim/ Nicole

• Try out BBQ made $950

• Sort skate made $450

• Museum BBQ $1700

• Any posts on the hockey moms Facebook page will now have to be approved by an admin

to avoid too many and making it difficult to find information.

Hockey Committee Update:

8. OMHA: Todd

• Starting to populate rosters. Coaches need to update their player rosters and coaches

rosters on the website. If they coaches and/or trainers do not have certifications they

cannot yet participate.

• Only 1 NRP as of yet, we need to get the others to Todd if there are any.

• Have to check into coaches getting their certifications before the tri-county season starts.

9. Shamrock Update: Greg

• Some centres don’t have enough players.

• Some centres that are close together might try and join together on a pilot project for A/AA

• Gender Diversity training is rolling out

• We got the All Star Game December 15

• We have to pay 90% of the game sheet fees up front, remaining 10% at the end of the


• Juvenile Shamrock teams will play in the Bluewater loop, as will Mooretown

10. Houseleague: Derek

• Online diversity training for “little ones”? Coaches go over the checklist for the parent of

each player.

• Rostering will happen shortly, teams were just made this past weekend.

11. Travel: Ryan

• Midget age group has been a bit of a struggle. Things are looking better and going to be all

figured out shortly.

12. Tri-County: Stacy

• Scheduling meeting is Tuesday

• New name is 4 Counties

• Shawn Gladwish would like to have a logo contest for the league, will get that info on the

website soon.

• Peewee coach needed

13. Development: Corey (not present, no update sent)

14. Ice Scheduler: Jim (not present, update sent)

• Schedule is getting done, lots of emails to pick through

15. Tournament: Adam (not present, nothing to update)

16. Jerseys/Equipment: Bob

• 200 pucks for tournament MVP have been ordered.

• All but 7 out of 23 teams, including juvenile have had sponsors added

• The Tim Horton’s jerseys should be done soon. Two sets are done already

• Peewee jerseys should be ready to go by the end of the week

• Redesigned the goalie equipment loan form.

Risk Management: Marnie

  • October 18th, Defib, First Aid and CPR at the Firehall from 6:00 - 10:00PM

Motion to offer the course to one staff member per team and pay half: Marnie, second Ryan:

motion passed

  • Concussion clinic, there are 8 people signed up for this Thursday September 20, 6:00PM

Vulnerable sector checks. Clinics are no longer available.

Review Timeline: On schedule

Old Business: Boards that were ordered. Still on schedule for the first week of October

Purchase of ice aids: in the coaches’ room ready to go.

New Business: Reimbursements must be submitted to Kevin by November 5th

Midget Hockey: Bob

Motion to wave the late fee for midget players who get cut from higher levels of hockey: Bob,

second Jason McLean. Discussion, tabled until next meeting.

Motion to adjourn: Greg, second Ryan